Parrot DeFi aims to be the ultimate choice for yield farming, staking and NFTs. A safe, stable, and long-term ecosystem for users to enjoy the DeFi space.
Fully-featured, user-prioritized and delightfully-crafted. This is Parrot DeFi

Farming & Staking

Streams of passive income to multiply your assets. Earn even more staking your LP tokens.


Get BPEGG and boost your rewards, while supporting deflationary mechanics.

Multi Reward Vaults

Stake to earn non-native rewards, stablecoins and tokens from our partners.


Hassle-free migration to new chains thanks to our faucets, developed as crap-free.


Treat yourself with the coolest NFTs, and get ready for a real turbo-charged DeFi experience.

About Parrot DeFi
  • Parrot DeFi is your gateway to decentralized finance, simple and easy, take control of your investment, stake, provide liquidity and earn Parrot Egg.
  • Parrot Egg is the core of the Parrot ecosystem, buy it, win it, farm it, spend it, stake it, you can even use it to get parrot NFTs.
  • Vote on the upcoming Parrot DAO and help the community decide which pools to boost or add, partnerships to join, marketing actions to take... choose your side on the Parrot Wars.
  • Join the joy of Parrot DeFi Comunity and enjoy a turbo-charged DeFi experience.
Find out more about the networks Parrot Defi is currently deployed and operative.